Classics 2022 Protective Security Advice

All Members of Rotary in Harpenden CIO (RiH), volunteers and contractors should understand and accept the need for security measures and be mindful that security forms part of everyone’s responsibility, not merely something for security professionals. Rotary in Harpenden will make it as easy as possible to raise concerns and report observations.

Our overriding priority for protection is people. This includes spectators and general public, volunteers, exhibitors, concessionaires and contractors and includes, of course, RiH Members and the Police, and Emergency Services.

Security Awareness

The vigilance of all RiH Members, volunteers and contractors is essential to our protection. RiH Members know their areas very well and are encouraged to be alert to unusual behaviour or items out of place.

They must all have the confidence to report any suspicions, knowing that reports – including false alarms – will be taken seriously and regarded as a contribution to the safe running of Classics on the Common 2022.

All RiH Members, volunteers and contractors should look out for packages, bags or other items in odd places, carefully placed (rather than dropped) items in rubbish bins and unusual interest shown in places away from the displays of static vehicles.

Please remember that the greatest vulnerability for Classics on the Common is complacency.

Examples of Possible Suspicious Activity

  • persons standing or loitering in the same area on numerous occasions with no apparent reasonable explanation.
  • prolonged static surveillance
  • simple observation such as staring or quickly looking away.
  • any activity inconsistent with the nature of our event.
  • unusual questions – (such as number of VIP’s visiting Classics on the Common).
  • individuals who look out of place for any reason.
  • individuals who appear to be loitering.
  • individuals asking questions regarding the identity or characteristics of individual visitors, groups of visitors, or the jobs or nationalities of visitors.
  • persons asking questions about security and evacuation measures.


Risk of Terrorist Attack at Classics on the Common

Terrorism is a crime. Many of the security precautions typically used to deter criminals are also effective against terrorists. Good basic security practices will bring benefits and help deter and identify all types of crime. Terrorists generally select targets where they can cause most damage, inflict mass casualties or attract widespread publicity. At this moment, we do not believe that Classics on the Common presents a significant target for terrorist attack but, given the events in London and Manchester in 2017 and given the events which regularly appear in the news, the vigilance of all RiH Members, volunteers and contractors is essential to the protection of all people involved with Classics on the Common.

It is worthwhile being aware of the following risks, however unlikely they may be.

Terrorist Firearms, Weapons and Suicide Attacks

Terrorist use of firearms and weapons is not frequent, but it is important to consider this method of attack and be prepared to cope with such an incident. Below is some general guidance

Crowded places have been identified and targeted by suicide bombers. The use of suicide bombers is a very effective method of delivering an explosive device to a specific location. Suicide bombers may also use a lorry or other kind of vehicle as a bomb or may carry or conceal explosives on their persons. Suicide attacks are generally perpetrated without warning.

At Classics on the Common exhibitors are likely to be near their own cars together with a large number of spectators. If firearms and weapons are used in the immediate vicinity try to “stay safe” and

  • Find the best available ballistic protection.
  • Out of sight does not necessarily mean out of danger, especially if you are not ballistically protected.

Engine Blocks of parked cars Car Doors
Behind Large Live Trees Fences
Natural Ground Undulations  

However, you will be aware that Classics on the Common is an open air event on open Commons and with open access to the public. Apart from rows of parked cars, on the Commons there are only temporary structures such as marquees and event kiosks and trade stands. The protected space principle is unlikely to offer any suitable refuge for the majority of the spectators and exhibitors and evacuation may be the preferred option. The preferred evacuation route from the Main Common would normally be towards the Cricket Club but this would obviously depend on the precise location of any incident and the police would provide specific guidance on the day.

Seven Key Instructions

The following seven key instructions should be followed in most incidents:

  1. Do not touch suspicious items.
  2. Use hand-held radios or mobile phones away from the immediate vicinity of a suspect item, remaining out of line of sight and behind hard cover if at all possible.
  3. Notify (i) a police officer if there is one in the immediate vicinity and/or (ii) the Event Manger (Liz Jack) either by advising a nearby marshal with a radio or using your mobile or the mobile of someone near you. Liz Jack’s contact number is 07786 335607. Paul Pickett is the police officer on duty. He will be on-site and be responsible for providing us with specific guidance, telephone number is TBC but he will also have one of the Organisers’ radios.
  4. If appropriate, move everyone away to a safe distance.
  5. If appropriate, prevent others from approaching.
  6. Communicate safely to RiH Members, Volunteers, spectators and exhibitors in the area.
  7. Ensure that whoever found the item or witnessed the incident remains on hand to brief the police.


Vehicle Bombs

The risk from a vehicle bomb is not considered substantial. All exhibitor vehicles are identified in advance and tickets showing their registration number are checked before vehicles are allowed entry. Traffic-calming measures are in place on the A1081. The registration number of each contractor’s vehicle is also known in advance. However, vehicle bombs can be highly destructive. It is not just the effects of a direct bomb blast that can be lethal; flying debris such as glass can present a hazard many metres away from the seat of the explosion.

It is for this reason that we cannot stress too highly the need for RiH Members to check the registration details of each exhibitor’s car and each contractor’s vehicle. Please remain alert and observant at all times.

If such an event were to occur, the police would provide guidance on the day.

Evacuation of the Commons

The police might decide to evacuate the Commons because of:

  • a threat received directly by St Albans District Council or Harpenden Town Council, who is responsible for the Common.
  • a threat received directly by Rotary in Harpenden.
  • a threat received elsewhere and passed on by the police.
  • discovery of a suspicious item at Classics (perhaps an unclaimed hold-all or rucksack).
  • discovery of a suspicious item or vehicle outside the Common but in the Harpenden area.
  • an incident to which the police have alerted you.

Whatever the circumstances, the police would provide guidance.

COVID Awareness

All RiH Members, volunteers and contractors must be aware of the COVID regulations imposed by the authorities on the date of Classics and do everything they can to keep themselves, other colleagues and members of the Public safe.

Unless otherwise advised by the Government, wearing Face masks is a personal choice when in the gazebos at the Control point. All RiH Members, volunteers and contractors are advised to bring their own sanitisers if they wish as none will be available at the control point.

On 27 July 2022 enjoy yourselves

but please be alert at all times and report any suspicious activity.


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