Ticket Application

The next Classics on the Common
will be held on Wednesday 27th July 2022

Ticket Application

We invite you to join us for our 28th Anniversary event.  Many owners can now book online. But please read the invitation letter first:
Invitation Letter – Classics on the Common 2022

The minimum fee of £12 for cars has been held for the fifth year. This year, we hope to have a number of autojumble stands.

Substitute Vehicles

Your ticket will display your vehicle’s registration number. If you need to come in a substitute vehicle it must be 25 years old or older except in the case of motor cycles and scooters. You must provide full details, including registration number, in advance, by emailing tickets@classicsonthecommon.com or by writing to Classics on the Common, 67 High Street, Harpenden AL5 2SL. DO NOT alter the registration number on your ticket. If a substitute vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum age requirement a spectator car park must be used.

Motorcycles and Scooters

There is no age qualification for motorcycles and scooters but you will need to book in advance. The minimum fee is £8. Please note: no tickets will be available on the day of the event and anyone arriving without a ticket will not be admitted. However, if there are spaces available on the day, motorcycles and scooters (any age) will be admitted for a donation of £10.

Applications – online   

For cars that are 25 years or older and for all bikes, apply online at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/classics-on-the-common-harpenden/t-vlvlpl.

(The booking fee is less than the cost of the two stamps for postal applications).

Applications – by post

Or apply by post. You must apply by post for supercar applications (those less than 25 years old). There will be FREE tickets for applications by post for cars, bikes or scooters registered in 1930 or before.

For postal applications, please complete and submit an application form here:
Application form – Classics on the Common 2022

To ensure we recover our unavoidable costs, in the event of our having to cancel Classics, your ticket price is non-refundable.

Super Cars

We have had a long tradition of admitting a small number of modern ‘super cars’. Spectators’ enthusiasm for the inclusion of these cars leads us to retain this. The decision as to whether or not a car qualifies as a ‘super car’ rests with the event organisers but will include such marques as Ferarri, Aston Martin and Bugatti.

Entry Time

Vehicles with the correct ticket may gain access to the Common from 11.30am. Other ticket holders can enter the Common from 2.00pm.

Souvenir Plaque

A free souvenir plaque will be available at the Control Point for exhibitors on a first come, first served basis. But you must produce your entry ticket.

Gift Aid

Because the show is held on common land your entry donation takes the form of a donation. To increase the value of that donation, without any extra cost to you, and provided you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid box on the Ticket Application Form. This allows us to claim from the taxman an extra 25% of the value of your entry ticket donation above the minimum and adds to the amount we’ll be able to donate to charities and other good causes.

The organisers, Rotary in Harpenden,  request that exhibitors remain on the Common until at least 6.00pm. This is to minimise congestion when vehicles are arriving through the afternoon. We would also like to point out that barbecues are not permitted on the Common and as we are very limited for space, gazebos will not be allowed.

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