Motorcycles and Scooters

Classic motorcycles and scooters are always welcome at Classics on the Common. They contribute so much to the diversity and colour of the show.

Motorcycles and scooters park together in the area of the Common known as the ‘Baa Lambs.’ For the safety of pedestrians and spectators that area is fenced off to prevent two-wheel vehicles from getting on to the common over the drop kerbs and pavement.

Motorcycles and scooters enter the common, with all other entrants, via the main entrance opposite the Silver Cup public house. From there you will be directed to the Baa Lambs area via a dedicated access lane.

There is no age qualification for motorcycles and scooters but, to guarantee your place at the show, you must book your ticket in advance. Motorcycles and scooters without tickets WILL NOT BE ADMITTED ON THE DAY unless there are spaces available, in which case motorcycles and scooters will be admitted for a donation of £10.

Tickets are available on line or through the post. For full information on booking visit the Ticket Application page.

FREE ENTRY is offered to all motorcycles and scooters registered in 1930 or earlier but you still need to complete and send us the ticket application form.

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