Classics on the Common – Safeguarding Policy

Wednesday 27th July 2022


Classics on the Common is an open event on Harpenden Common. The event is open for access. The event is organised Rotary in Harpenden who take responsibility to ensure that the event environment is as safe as possible.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that children and vulnerable adults attending the event are kept safe and free from harm.

This event is not aimed at children and is likely to mostly attract adults, but we do expect that families will attend with their children.

Lost / Missing Children and Vulnerable Adults

Lost Children’s Officer – Susanne Woods
Deputy Lost Children’s Officer – Liz Jack

Lost Child Reporting Procedure

  1. The Marshal who is made aware of a lost child must accept immediate responsibility and must inform the Event Manager immediately by phone or two-way radio.
  2. The Event Manager will inform the Lost Children’s Officer and alert other marshals who are in the vicinity of the situation.
  3. Information about the child will be relayed to the Control Point and the incident recorded in the Incident Log.
  4. The Marshal, and where possible the person finding the child, must remain in a safe place close to the location where the child was found for no less than 5 minutes (own discretion) to allow for immediate recovery by parents/guardians.
  5. The Event Manager will ensure that two people are in attendance at all times with the child. Marshals should make their position easily visible to aid parents/guardians in their search for their child.
  6. The Lost Children’s Officer will report immediately to the Control Point.
  7. If the child is not picked up after 5 minutes, the Marshal, accompanied by the person finding the child, and child will proceed to the Control Point. A child must be escorted to the Control Point by at least two marshals.
  8. If necessary, announcements can be made advising of lost child via loud hailer. If this is necessary, do not give the child’s name, only state that a child has been found and advise where to collect the child.
  9. If necessary, the Lost Children’s Officer will notify the Police who will continue the search until the child/parent or guardian has been found.
  10. The lost child will be handed over to the Lost Children’s Officer, who will complete a Lost Child Report Form and take care of the child until collected by the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be required to show proof of identity and their signature must be obtained.
  11. Once a child has been reunited with their parent/guardian, the Lost Children’s Officer will complete all documentation before the parent/guardian leaves the Control Point.

2.14.2  Advice to Marshals about How to Deal with Parents /Guardians of a Lost Child

  1. If a parent/guardian approaches you about their lost child, act calmly. Contact the Event Manager by telephone or radio.
  2. Ask for a detailed description of the child and where and when the child was last seen.
  3. Other marshals in the vicinity will be notified immediately by the Event Manager to support a rapid search of the immediate area.
  4. In the event of a lost child being reluctant to be handed over to an adult, please request police support.
  5. If, for any reason, there is concern that a parent/guardian is not in a fit condition to resume care of the child, the police should be contacted for advice.

The lost children’s officer will also be responsible for looking after vulnerable adults. The above procedure will also be followed for vulnerable adults and where necessary, the local police (due to be on site) will be informed immediately of any lost or missing vulnerable adults.

When marshals report that a child or vulnerable adult is lost or missing, they will make it clear whether they have a child / vulnerable adult with them or if they have the parent or carer with them in order for a successful search to begin immediately.

Photography and Videoing

Any photographs taken at the event will not contain identifying details of children. Photographers will be careful to not take images where permission is required. If required, permission will either be sought from parents and/or carers or images will be deleted.

Visitors to the event may take photos/videos and this will not be monitored. However, if concerns are raised about the actions of photographers, they should be addressed and dealt with appropriately, if necessary, alerting the local police (due to be on site) to the problem.


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